How to Fix the Your Windows License Will Expire Soon Error on Windows 10 and 11

Sometimes, you may need to edit the Windows registry in offline mode to rectify a situation where Windows doesn’t boot after modifying some settings recently. Windows Recovery Environment (Windows RE) is an extremely useful platform that provides various system recovery options to diagnose and repair an unbootable Windows installation. Next, navigate through the folders within the Registry Editor until you reach HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion \Explorer\. Once there, right-click on the Window folder and select Export from the drop-down menu that appears. In this export window, enter a name for your backup file and select “All” as its type (this will ensure all of your data is backed up). However, if malware and viruses of any type attack and modify the registry, this is a huge problem and requires immediate attention and action. Viruses, spyware, and Trojans install registry entries that can’t be manually removed.

  • You can check the Show more restore points box to see all the restore points stored on the system.
  • However, deleting old update files is only one of the ways to tidy up your Windows.
  • One thing you can try if you get back into Windows is to follow the steps to repair Windows Update.
  • In either case,
    the working directory will be set to that containing the file.

If your computer is taking a long time to restart, there are several things you can do to help. First, you should check to make sure all of your applications, programs, and processes have been shut down properly. Additionally, if the Storage drive is close to full, the updates may take more time to install.

After restarting your PC, try these fixes:

In some instances, you might even be signed in with a temporary profile on Windows 10 until you manage to find the issue. It’s important to run a full system scan and wait until the antivirus has scanned absolutely all your system files. If the methods mentioned earlier don’t fix the issue, consider doing a System Restore.

does windows reset fix registry

If a change is made incorrectly, the computer’s OS may cease to function, but a backup can undo any changes. Fortunately, the Windows registry rarely needs edits, but occasionally administrators must make adjustments to it to import or export .REG files or create, delete or make changes to corrupt registry keys and subkeys. Double-clicking a .reg file will add its contents to your registry. Adding a .reg file to your registry simplifies the process of performing registry hacks. Instead of manually creating or editing each value, double-clicking the .reg adds every value, placing them in your registry without error.

Root keys

When you use the “Reset this PC” feature in Windows, Windows resets itself to its factory default state. If you purchased a PC and it came with Windows 10 or Windows 11 installed, your PC will be in the same state you received it in. By default, all manufacturer-installed software and drivers that came with the PC will be reinstalled, though you can force it to install a clean version of Windows. If you installed Windows 10 or Windows 11 yourself, it will be a fresh Windows system without any additional software. For the future, though, it’s good to know how to export registry entries and import them later to restore the backup. First, open the Registry Editor by typing registry into the Start menu to find the utility.

Windows Update Blocker is a freeware that helps you to completely disable or enable Automatic Updates on your Windows system , with just a click of the button . This utility is portable, which means that you are no longer required to go through the installation process and no leftovers will remain on the HDD after its removal. You can enable File History in Windows 8.1 to back up key folders and files to external media. Alternatively, you can turn to a third-party backup software or a cloud storage service.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t a foolproof process, but we’ve used it quite a bit over the years. The registry keys for the default user are stored in the file ntuser.dat within the profile, that we would have to load this as a hive using regedit to add settings for the default user. Many of the settings you configure within various applets in the Control Panel are stored in the HKEY_CURRENT_USER registry hive. Because the HKEY_CURRENT_USER hive is user-specific, on the same computer, the keys and values contained in it will differ from user to user. This is unlike most other registry hives that are global, meaning they retain the same information across all users in Windows. This Registry Editor can be accessed by typing “Regedit” in the Command Prompt or by simply typing “Regedit” in the search or run box from the Start menu.

The Windows registry stores all information and settings organized in one location rather than storing them in text-based configuration files, where each application has separate files. You can get rid of broken registry items on Windows 10 in either of the following ways. You can get rid of broken registry items on Windows 7 by following the set of instructions given below. The Restore Repair Tool scans your computer’s Windows Operating System for up to five minutes to detect the following issues. You can get rid of broken registry items from your PC by refreshing your computer using the following instructions. You can get rid of broken registry items in either of the following ways. Unlike in older versions, System Restore does not come enabled by default, which means that before you can start using the feature, you have to enable it manually.


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